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Red Universitaria de Observatorios Atmosféricos (ROUA-Sisal)

Sisal is now a node of the UNAM Network of Atmospheric Observatories (RUOA). ...

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Meteorlogical-Fluxes Mast - Palmar

Experimental study of the Energy and gases (CO2, H2O) exchange between the At...

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Meteorological Mast Sisal

A meteorological mast, instrumented with sonic anemometers was implemented du...

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Wave and Currents in Shallow Waters

Since its creation (2010) the LIPC began to record data waves and currents in...

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Wave and Current Bouys

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Videomonitoring Sisal

The station consists of a 50 m meteorological tower and a set of five cameras...

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Monitoring Network of the Coastal Aquifer in Northwest of the State of Yucatán (RNYW)

This project consists in the design and implementation of a monitoring networ...

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The LIPC has generated a wave database for the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean S...

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Weather Research and Forecasting Model (WRF)The WRF has multiple applications...

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Regional Ocean Model System (ROMS)

The Sisal Academic Unit of the Engineering Institute of the UNAM was benefite...

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As part of the CONACYT-SEMARNAT project, "Climate Trend Analysis and Dynamic ...

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Runup on Fringing Reefs

Fringing reefs provide natural protection against flooding of coastal areas. ...

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Análisis de eficiencia de un dispositivo de conversión de energía del oleaje por oscilación de columna de agua. (OWC)

El siguiente trabajo tendrá como objetivo proponer y analizar el desempeño de...

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Coastal Dynamics on a Micro-tidal breeze dominated beach (NCSAL)

A comprehensive field effort devoted to the study of coastal dynamics in a mi...

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Resiliencia de playas a estructuras costeras (BRICS)

A series of field experiment have been conducted over the past two years to i...

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Beach Monitoring Program in Sisal, Yucatan (BEACHPROS)

A high spatial and temporal resolution monitoring program has been conducted ...

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Carbonera Project

The Carbonera Lagoon inlet has experienced a very dynamic evolution since its...

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Video Monitoring PUERTO MORELOS

A video monitoring station was installed on September 15, 2015 at the UNAM st...

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Coast line position variation

The shoreline is the interface between water and land. It is a very dynamic f...

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Dinámica de barras de arena sumergidas

Acknowledgments: Cátedras CONACYT, proyecto 1146 Observatorio costero para es...

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Coastal Vegetation

The project Dynamic of coastal beaches and dunes and its participation as an ...

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Coastal vegetation

The project Dynamic of coastal beaches and dunes and its participation as an ...

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Caracterización de la estructura del acuífero en una zona de transición costera utilizando resistividad eléctrica


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