University Network of Atmospheric Observatories (RUOA-Sisal)

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University Network of Atmospheric Observatories (RUOA-Sisal)

Principal Investigator: Dr. Bernardo Figueroa


Sisal is now a node of the UNAM Network of Atmospheric Observatories (RUOA). A full set of meteorological instruments was set up at the Laboratory of Coastal Engineering (LIPC) of the Institute of Engineering at UNAM campus at Sisal, Yucatán. The data acquisition system records Temperature, Humidity, Incoming Solar Radiation, Wind speed and direction, Atmospheric Pressure and Precipitation. The data is available to the public in real time. The Network is administered by the Atmospheric Sciences Center (CCA-UNAM), prividing assistance with instruments calibration as well as the computational infrastructure capable of data storage and broadcasting. The system is standarized in order to achieve the highest data quality and reliability standards. Other specific measurements at Sisal are available through links to other Coastal Observatories.

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