Beach Monitoring Program in Sisal, Yucatan (MORPHO-SISAL)

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Beach Monitoring Program in Sisal, Yucatan (MORPHO-SISAL)

Principal Investigator: Dra. Gabriela Medellín Mayoral


A high spatial and temporal resolution monitoring program has been conducted in Sisal beach starting on Spring 2015. Weekly to bi-weekly beach profiles are conducted along 20 transects located between the east jetty of the Sisal Port and the Sisal Pier. This data set is used to investigate seasonal and inter-annual variability in this region. The morphological changes are correlated with the different forcing variables obtained in the Coastal Observatory (wind, waves, sea level) to understand long-term beach morphology evolution.


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Cátedras CONACYT, proyecto 1146 Observatorio costero para estudios de resiliencia al cambio climático

Ciencia Básica CONACYT, proyecto 284819  Estudio de resistencia y resiliencia física de playas naturales ante perturbaciones

DGAPA UNAM, proyecto IA101422 Estudio de efectos e impactos de tormentas en islas de barrera de la costa norte de Yucatán


Figure 1. Study area map showing (a) the location of Sisal in the Yucatan Peninsula, (b) the study area indicating main ports, wetlands (humedales) and ADCP at 10m depth, and (c) distribution of cross-shore transects along Sisal beach.




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