Carbonera Project

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Carbonera Project

Principal Investigator: Dr. Paulo Salles Afonso de Almeida


The Carbonera Lagoon inlet has experienced a very dynamic evolution since its opening in 1988 due to Hurricane Gilbert, and a sand spit has grown at an average rate of 100m/year. Besides, this spit has been breached in two occasions (2002 and 2006), modifying the hydrodynamics of the lagoon and the sediment dynamics in the adjacent beaches.
By means of field measurements of flow through the inlet, geometry (topobathymetry) of the spit and water levels at different locations inside the lagoon, a better understanding of its dynamics will be achieved. Besides, numerical simulations of the hydrodynamics and sediment transport will be performed, firstly with idealized geometries and simplified forcings, in order to identify the predominant processes acting on spit geometry and evolution. 


Works had been carried here since 2012 until now, as it follows:
Wilmer Rey Sánchez - Master thesis - 2012. Hydrodynamic evaluation and numerical modelling of the lagoon La Carbonera, Yucatán.


Image min carbonera 02 Tendido de cable del equipo 'SuperSting' para medir resistividad del suelo a través de los electrodos.
Image min carbonera 01 Ruta para llegar al ojo de agua, a través de la boca de la laguna. (Vista aérea)
Image min carbonera 03 Acceso de la laguna al ojo de agua. (Vista aérea)
Image min tomografia 01 Tomografía sobre la lengua de la carbonera. (Pleamar de mareas vivas)
Image min tomografia 02 Tomografía sobre la lengua de la carbonera. (Paleta de colores)
Image min tomografia 03 Tomografía sobre la lengua de la carbonera. (Bajamar de mareas vivas)
Image min carbonera spits Monitoreo morfológico de la evolución de la lengua de la Carbonera (2017 a 2020).

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