Wave and Currents in Shallow Waters

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Wave and Currents in Shallow Waters

Principal Investigator: Dr. José López


Since its creation (2010) the LIPC began to record data waves and currents in Yucatan Peninsula with an ADCP equipment just in front of Chelem in a 10 m depth (21° 19.234’ N y 89° 50.073’ W) from June 2010 to February 2013. Later this point was changed just in front of Sisal port also in a 10 m depth where data waves are recorded from January 2013 until now.

An ADCP RDi equipment place on the ocean bottom is used to record significant wave, period and direction also depth and water temperature. The data waves are measured for 20 min every hour with a 2 hz frecuency, This data are recorded in the internal memory and they are recovered every 3 months.


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