Beach Morphology: El Palmar

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Beach Morphology: El Palmar

Principal Investigator: Dr. Gemma L. Franklin


A high spatial and temporal resolution monitoring program along the Palmar beach since spring 2019.
Fortnightly beach profiles have been carried out along a 2 km sector of the beach (20 transects in total), starting from the pier/breakwater. This database is used to study seasonal variations and changes generated by coastal development and the installation of Reefballs in this area. The objective is to continue this monitoring program to generate a database that allows the interannual variability to be studied in this region. In order to understand the long-term morphologic evolution, morphologic changes can be correlated with different variables obtained by the Coastal Observatory.

Cátedras CONACYT, project 1146 Observatorio costero para estudios de resiliencia al cambio climático.




Image min 20190821 113057 Palmar beach 21/08/2019
Image min 20190903 083119 Palmar beach 03/09/2019

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