Meteorlogical-Fluxes Mast - Palmar

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Meteorlogical-Fluxes Mast - Palmar

Principal Investigator: Dr. Bernardo Figueroa


Experimental study of the Energy and gases (CO2, H2O) exchange between the Atmosphere and the dry decidious forest of the State Reserve of El Palmar, located at the northwest of the Yucatan Peninsula. The experiment comprises a 24 m tall meteorological mast instrumented with a sonic 3D anemometer and a gas analyzer (IRGA), aquiring at a frequency of 10 Hz in order to measure turbulent transport between the atmosphere and the canopy. A LiCor(TM) acquisision (and pre-processing) system and an Ethernet bridge allow for real-time connectivity with the site. Aditional measurements are being collected at the mast and its vicinity, such as precipitation, temperature, soil humidity, incoming, net and photosynthetic active radiation, as well as sap flow through some tree speciments near the mast. This information will provide the necessary information required to perform an energy partition, as well as the evapo-traspiration patterns and its variability with respect to time and superficial and underground water availability. The support of the National Resilience Laboratory of UNAM is respectully acknowledged.


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