Categories / Numerical Modeling / Ocean


Principal Investigator: Dr. Christian M. Appendini


The LIPC has generated a wave database for the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea based on the North American Reanalysis (NARR) wind fields to force the MIKE 21 SW model. The model mesh consist on an approximate resolution of 30 km for the Caribbean Sea, 20 km for the Gulf of Mexico and Mexican Caribbean, and up to 3.5 km along the coast of Mexico. The wave information consist on 3 hourly data between January 1979 at 00:00 until December 31, 2008 at 21:00 hours. The hindcast data is composed of significant wave height (SWH), average wave period (MWP), peak wave period (PWP) and mean wave direction (MWP), as well as wind speed (WS) and Wind direction (WDir) from the NARR data interpolated into the calculation mesh.

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