Coast line position variation

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Coast line position variation

Principal Investigator: Dr. E. Tonatiuh Mendoza Ponce
Dra. Elena Ojeda


The shoreline is the interface between water and land. It is a very dynamic feature that varies, for instance, with the advances and setbacks of the beach caused by deposition or erosion of sediments, with changes in sea level along a tidal cycle, and even due to the rise and fall of single waves reaching the foreshore.

The first step on its study is to determine which indicator will be used to identify the shoreline. In this study we obtain the coastline position from 10-minute averaged images obtained through the Sisal video monitoring system. The detection of the shoreline position is accomplished through an algorithm developed at the LIPC that groups different methods of image processing that has proven to work for the particular conditions of the beach of Sisal. The algorithm allows to select between five possible solutions (based on different methods of detection) and also allows to edit the coastline when necessary. Once the position of the coastline is obtained from the oblique images, these are rectified to obtain real-world coordinates.

Cátedras CONACYT, proyecto 1146 Observatorio costero para estudios de resiliencia al cambio climático.
Proyecto CONACYT INFR-2014-01-225561.
Proyecto PAPIIT IA100113 DGAPA UNAM: Variaciones de la línea de costa de la playa de Sisal (Yucatán) debido a eventos naturales.

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